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The company transfer its head office to Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. Our offices and warehouses will be from now on on this new site adapted to our activity.

General conditions


Any commitment, dispatch or operation whatsoever, unless covered by a special agreement between the parties, constitutes acceptance by the clientele of the following conditions.

Members affiliated to the FEDERATION, irrespective of legal status or the functions under which they intervene are referred to in the following GENERAL CONDITIONS by the term:

“Freight Forwarder”.


Full instructions must be provided for every shipment; general permanent instructions are not allowed. Checking declarations and information supplied by customers is not compulsory.

Inflammable, hazardous, infected or noxious goods must be covered by an explicit declaration. Any inaccurate declaration of weights that may result in an infringement of traffic regulations during transport operations carried out by the freight forwarder, will be the shipper’s entire responsibility. The shipper will be fully liable for any non-compliance with these instructions.

It is under the responsibility of the shipper of cash-on-delivery goods to specify whether payment by the consignee must be requested in cash (within legal limits) or by certified cheque. Should this detail not be stipulated, solely the consignee may be held liable for issuing a bank or postal cheque on an account containing insufficient funds.

The amount of reimbursement may only be paid after payment has been received from the consignee.

Customers are solely liable for any consequences resulting from mistaken, incomplete or late declarations or documents.

In the absence of specific instructions from the instructing party, the Freight forwarder will use all ways and means available for transporting the goods entrusted to it, as well as all intermediate forwarding agents and/or miscellaneous carriers, which are deemed to have been approved by the customer beforehand.

Departure and arrival dates are given to customers for information purposes only.


No insurance is taken out without a written order repeated for each shipment. Cover is provided either by a specific policy or by the freight forwarder’s floater insurance policy and excluding all personal liability as the policy is taken out with reputed Companies at the time of coverage. The conditions of the policy are deemed to be known and approved by shippers and consignees.

Customers wishing to cover special risks must indicate, depending on the type of goods, all risks to be covered (such as breakage, pilferage, deformation, rust, oxidation, as well as theft and disappearance, hold-ups, etc…). Should any such details not be provided, insurance will only provide cover against normal transport risks.

Only acting as an agent in this situation, the Freight forwarder shall not accept any joint and several liability with insurance companies.

No claim will be accepted without presentation of a legal certificate of loss or damage issued by the Insurers’ agent (or otherwise by the competent authorities) and without justification of actions required for preserving rights of redress.

Insurance compensation will only be paid if it has been received by the Freight Forwarder from the Insurance Companies.

Any customer, who personally covers carriage risks, must specify to its insurers that they may only exercise their rights to redress from the Freight Forwarder within the limits set forth in Article 4.


The liability of the Freight Forwarder as defined in Article 1 is strictly limited in all cases to the liability incurred by the carriers used and agents and/or bodies and companies that have been replaced for carrying out the operation entrusted to the forwarder.

Nor may the Freight Forwarder be held liable when the carrier is able to prove that personally it is not liable should damage be discovered after direct or indirect transhipment of the goods from one means of transport to another, irrespective of whether this is by land, sea, river or air.

Should the Freight Forwarder be held liable for any reason and in any respect whatsoever, this liability is strictly limited to repairing any material damage resulting from the loss or incident, excluding any other damages, with no possibility of exceeding either the sum provided for in international conventions, laws, tariffs or regulations that may be applicable to the shipment concerned, or by default or whatever the circumstances may be:


Shipment of 3T and over not covered by a specific standard agreement.

Compensation for all justified damages, up to:

- 14 euros per kilo for the gross weight of missing or damaged goods,

- For the shipment, a global ceiling is obtained by multiplying the number of tonnes represented by the shipment by 2,300 Euros.

The lower of these two limits is applicable.

In the event of late delivery: Compensation limited to the value of transport costs.

Shipments of under 3 T (express distribution)

Compensation for all justified damages of up to 23 Euros per kilo for the gross weight of missing or damaged goods and for each object included in the shipment with a maximum of 750 Euros per package.

In the event of late delivery: Compensation limited to the value of transport costs.


Except in the event of a declaration of value or special interest made on delivery, tort or wilful misconduct by the carrier, compensation is limited to 8,33 SDR per kilo for the gross weight of missing or damaged goods.

Moreover, transport costs, customs duty and other expenses incurred during the transport operation are reimbursed but without any extra damages.

In the event of late delivery:

The cost of carriage, except in the event of a declaration of special interest made on delivery, tort or wilful misconduct by the carrier (CMR Art. 23 and 29).

Quotations are drawn up taking account of these limits in terms of liability. Whenever the shipper entrusts goods whose value is higher than the limits indicated above, it is his responsibility to give instructions for their insurance coverage or assume transport risks for the excess value.

Furthermore, under no circumstances may any compensation to be allocated exceed, even within the above limits, the goods’ real justified value.


All our invoices and debit notes are payable cash on reception. Any unpaid sum due, giving rise to debt collection and litigation, will be increased by 15% as penalty, in application of articles 1226 and following and 2047 of the Civil Code. Our general sales conditions stipulate that are invoices are to be paid C.W.O. As all other modes of payment are by special dispensation, no discounts will be paid for early payments. Late payment penalties, 1.35% for every month commenced (Act n° 1442).

“All contractual obligations for the payment of money that exist between the Freight forwarder and the customer, in any respect whatsoever, will offset each other, by rights and without further formalities, irrespective of whether legal compensation conditions have been constituted or not”.

Non-observation of due dates will cause the terms of payment to be cancelled and any outstanding debts will become due immediately before any other transport operation.


COURT OF JURISDICTION – In the event of any dispute, even for warranty proceedings, the case must be brought, by express agreement, before the Commercial Court of Lyon, whenever our contracting party has a capacity as a commercial business.

Our general conditions are those applied as per the French Federation of forwarding agents and transport auxiliaries, customs agents, freight forwarders and sea and air agents.

Confidentiality - protection of personal data

The remainder of this document explains the personal data protection policy put in place by our company in the context of its activities.

The protection of personal data is part of the values of society.
Our data protection policy has been reflected for years and incorporates new regulatory developments such as the RGPD General Data Protection Act.
Our day-to-day commitment is based on rules imposed on any employee or provider of the company and includes the security rules of the stored data. The data security rules are confidential but available to the control bodies.

Data collection to enable their treatment
Our collected data is determined, legitimate and explicit; they are necessary for our activity. The collected data are not retroceded or used for other purposes.
Our treatments are in line with the NS-048 standard (Client and Prospect Files) of the Cnil (National Commission for Informatics and Liberties).
For example, in the field of customer and prospect file management, the data saved is used for the processing of personal data for the purposes of customer management, prospecting, loyalty operations, the development of statistics. sales, the organization of contests or any promotional operation, the management of requests for the right of access, rectification and opposition, the management of unpaid debts and litigation, and the management of the opinions of persons on products, services or contents.

The relevance of the data
Only the strictly necessary data are collected to allow their processing. No so-called sensitive data such as racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions, trade union membership, health status or sexual life of people will be required.

The shelf life of the data
In accordance with the Cnil standard, we keep the data as part of the processing related to the management of past contracts, as well as during the legal periods applicable after the end of the contracts.
Customer or non-customer data used for commercial prospecting purposes may be retained for a period of three years from the end of the business relationship, either the expiry date of a contract or the last contact the customer or prospect.

Information and the rights of people
Each data collection document or Internet form complies with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended, and informs the person of his rights:
- the identity of the controller and, where appropriate, that of his representative;
- the purpose of the data collection;
- the mandatory or optional nature of his answers;
- possible consequences of a failure to reply;
- recipients or categories of recipients of the data;
- the right of individuals to the processing of personal data
(example: the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for legitimate reasons,
as well as a right of opposition to this data being used for commercial prospecting purposes ...);
- the absence of transfer of personal data outside a non-Member State of the European Community;
- the retention period of the processed data or, in case of impossibility, the criteria used to determine this duration.

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Restricted access to data
Only providers or suppliers duly authorized by our company can access, within the framework of a security policy allowing in particular the management of the access to the only information necessary for the activity.

IT security
Our company determines and implements the necessary means to protect the processing of personal data to prevent any access by an unauthorized third party and prevent any loss, alteration or disclosure of data.
Thus, our company's personal data protection policy is organized around logical, physical or organizational measures.

Data transfers
In case of transfer, if any, of your personal data to a country located outside the European Union, the latter is part of the purpose of the processing for which the data are intended.
The personal data collected during the ordering is necessary for the marketing of our products, their delivery, the management of the orders and the communication on the activities of our company.
The recipients of the data are the publisher of the websites, freight transport companies and all service providers involved in the manufacture and marketing of products or services sold on this site, for the statistics of visits to the website, we use analysis software that does not give any information about the person.
Your email will be used only for information emails about our company or our products.
The Company will not proceed with the transfer of its client file.
In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access opposition and rectification of information that concerns you, such as the right to be forgotten. If information was to be kept for accounting and legal reasons, it would be kept in separate databases such as invoice management.